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To the mother who never has her children looked after, I see you and I understand you.

À la maman qui ne fait jamais garder ses enfants, je te vois et je te comprends.

by Flaurence CD

For you, it's not even an idea that crosses your mind, to want to entrust your children to others. Becoming a mom has turned your life upside down and your priorities are now focused on a tiny person and everything that revolves around it. You find that time already passes too quickly by his side and that your shared moments are already cut short, perhaps by the return to work or by the list of chores that never stops growing. 

Or maybe for you, the idea of ​​keeping them seems impossible, because your child only wants your arms, only sleeps at your breast and is only happy in your presence. For you, keeping your precious means that someone else would carry your burden and you don't feel able to make the separation, fearing the worst.

Or maybe you're a mom who just doesn't have the time, or the resources. Maybe you count your pennies or your loved ones and the idea of ​​babysitting your little ones is an intangible dream. A single mother who runs every hour of her life, one or more children at her feet, managing despite everything to support a family on her own.

So to you, the mother who still has her children: I understand you… but know that I see you too. I see your fatigue, your exhaustion. Your fleeting desire to have a life as before, free in time. I see your love for them is only growing, but your love for yourself has diminished at this time. 

This is why I encourage you to take a moment, however small, to recharge your batteries: take a deep breath, let it all out and invite peace in. You have the right to take time off. You have the right to be alone at some point. Don't forget that woman who was born before your own babies. She, too, has the right to exist. 

To the mother who never has her children looked after: don't forget yourself. 

Photo credit: Bethany Beck on Unsplash